Ai Menu Case Study

The Starting Point

I started working with AI-Menu in late March 2023. I was assigned many marketing tasks, including website design, maintenance, SEO, and graphic design among other tasks. 

The Google Search Console snapshot gives a 16-month overview of the global website performance up to today’s date (January 23rd 2024). The black line on the graph indicates when I started working with Ai Menu. 

The Process & Results

My initial focus was onsite SEO, making sure the content was readable, relevant and engaging. I incorporated the content changes on the website while also adjusting the design for a seamless user experience. 

Once that had been improved, I then shifted focus onto the blog with diligent keyword research, helping to position Ai Menu as a thought leader in their field. I wrote articles both for Ai Menu’s blog, as well as guest posts for other websites linking back to Ai Menu. 

The results featured here are a comparison between the 6 months prior to my involvement with Ai Menu, and the performance over the last 6 months. You can see that although Clicks, CTR and position are all going up, impressions are down. This is a result of the content being more niche-driven rather than general and broad content. It’s also important to note that these metrics are  based on global performance. 



A look into 2024

Now that we’ve made it through the Holiday season, we start to create our plan to continue growth this year.

Our snapshot of this year looks promising, and our focus is to increase the average position in Australia (currently 23 with a 6.5% CTR) and maintain our position in New Zealand (currently 2.2 with an average CTR of 15.5%). 

Now the design of the website has stabilized we will shift into technical SEO and start to grow strong backlinks.