Ayla Carlin

Marketing, Finance & Operations

Analytical in approach, creative in execution.

Ensuring client growth, financial strength & operating efficiency

9 Years

Marketing & Communications

9 Years

Budgets &

11 Years

Strategy &

Results Snapshot

Increased Client Base 52%

Increased Revenue $4,726,560

ROAS 10,123%

Av. Conversion Rate 11.2%

Av. Cost Per Acquisition $26.33

Decreased Ops Cost 74%

This data covers a 15 month period

Core Skills

My marketing journey started with copywriting in 2004 while working as a real estate agent. I have a passion for storytelling which I’ve developed in many different mediums since shifting into a focus on digital marketing. 

Each aspect of my work revolves around UX, helping to both attract and retain clients. My focus is always on simplicity, with a knack for taking complex ideas and turning them into something everyone can understand and appreciate. 

Strategy & Analytics
Paid Digital Marketing
Design & Development

With a head for figures, I’ve often found myself drawn to finance management. I’ve set and managed many multi-million dollar budgets, primarily in real estate and corporate services. 

I get a lot of enjoyment out of creating projections and forecasts, as well as creating different options for revenue modelling that make sense for each business. If there’s ever an issue, my first stop is always an elaborate spreadsheet!

Budget Management
Projections & Forecasting
Revenue Modelling

Being equal parts creative and analytical, I find it incredibly easy to pick up patterns and recognise solutions quickly. I’m a firm believer that there is almost always a better, quicker and easier way of operating. 

I love analysing data and gaining employee input to come to the best outcomes that improve operations, decrease costs and increase enjoyment across the board, helping to build stronger businesses.

Strategy & Efficiency
Product Design
Business Analytics